The Expendables (Films for you)

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Serious bald guy from the CIA recruits a team of steep peasants to overthrow the dictator in a tiny South American country. However, when it comes to shooting, it is much more complicated and twisted. Sylvester Stallone is the “Expendables” – a true film festival, which marks the main youthful movie-dream 1990: how the past heroes of the fighters coming together.

“The Expendables” – ardent greetings from the legendary heroes of the last blockbuster, photographs of which 1990 were plastered walls in the room of every boy. The film is, strictly speaking, not a movie, a nostalgic skit, organized by those “who are in favor, with the participation of those who today took the baton from them. Touching event: despite what the “Expendables” on every meter of the film required someone is targeted, or slaughtered with a knife, the movie does not look militants and soulful dedication to strong male brotherhood and friendship, non-flammable.

The film combined a brilliant “old guard” members of one species which is warm to the soul, and new characters have already won audience’s hearts. In the first cohort of – Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Steve Austin and Schwarzenegger with Bruce Willis in a charming cameo. “Youth” is represented mainly violent Statham and Jet Li. What is above them in the “Expendables” all the way stebutsya appear – a fun form of bullying and rude humor-writer Stallone.

Jet Li takes money, on the grounds that he was a little more and he gets in a fight for an inch of the body. Statham throw knives and trying to compete with Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke, and more – is working with his fists on the love front, caressing a little-known person who stole his heart queen.

Founder of all this kinoprazdnika Stallone, as stated in the film, looks like a “cast steel bar. He – the main star of “The Expendables” and rightfully attracts to itself all the attention, even in scenes where he is involved not only. No less cool look the other titans – Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, though, and appear in the frame just for a minute.

In “The Expendables” is a welcome screen Schwarzenegger and Stallone meeting at which for the sake of present and Bruce Willis. And let this meeting took off with a strong late – Stallone looks tired, old, and Schwarzenegger is aiming for the presidency – she still felt a landmark cinema event and well worth it. Already for the sake of this meeting was worth to remove “Expendables,” although other sentimental and tremulous moments in them many more.

Fly in the ointment: “The Expendables” not so impressive as a fighter. Final series of “Rambo” Stallone learn from frenzied and cheerful. And here – sometimes the camera work podkachala (many fights out of focus, dark), the place of (few spectacular shots). The plan of action “Expendables” pleasing, perhaps, only two really spectacular scenes: one of them, Stallone and Staten two-engined aircraft in pieces spread the pier with the soldiers, another Terry Crews heavy machine gun in the natural beef crumbles crowd of enemies.

But the film – absolutely not about action, which becomes especially clear in the final. The main thing in those meetings that we see in “The Expendables”, and who smiles like a fool and his heart with joy fades – no throwing knives, clubs and fire fighting. The main thing – poetry.

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

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When I went to the session, heart beat, because until recently I was in Narnia … and again I see their favorite heroes to me, went through with them, happy and in love. As an eternal fan of books written by Clive Staples Lewis, the output of the film for me was what is called an event! I was looking forward to it. And now, entering the cinema hall, I am a little worried .. Suddenly the film does not live up to my expectations? Suddenly he turns out to be quite ordinary? But all my doubts were dispelled from the first minutes! By the end of the movie they are not left at all! The film certainly has grown … he became more emotional .. more adults and saturated. He conveyed the mood of the book! Those magnificent scenery, fascinating scenes … all of this I not only saw and felt. Aslan, as in the previous chapters, was delightful and magical. Indeed … the King!

Going to the cinema, I knew more or to see the Edmund and Lucy, or Susan and Peter … a feeling captured me, and I shed a few tears … And this means that the movie was really good, and most importantly – live, for all that happened in this series of films – happens to me! After all, in fact, this story is tragic. Sooner or later we would have parted with all of Narnia. But in spite of everything, albeit very small experience, the film is left only extraordinarily bright and good impressions.

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Tangled (films for you)

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Gorgeous sunny animation. Charming beauty soar into the sky lanterns, a touching ceremony, motivation and yearning heroine – all this hurt inside soul strings, causing a very light feeling. An unusual way of Rapunzel: extremely long hair and how to use them (should there be such a think). Overall impression – interesting, funny, air and fantastically …

Throughout the story focuses around a magical heroine’s hair. And no wonder: named Rapunzel’s mother sees the value of a girl in her luminous curls. This is the main feature that distinguishes the character from the other (we omit the story of royal descent). So accustomed to think herself Rapunzel. Therefore, during the 18 years she lived in limbo, unable to free themselves from domestic bondage, confused in their own hair. ”

Final (as it should be in a real work) Philosophy: love conquers greed, evil loses. A “Goldilocks” (just as the audience) are right: the hair – just an attribute, an external manifestation of a miracle … The true magic inside the heart.

We all carry within us the light … But, unfortunately, are often unable to understand this, because too much importance to attach a false, imposed from outside.

In the cinema, only half of the adults came to watch with children. The remaining uncles and aunts were in themselves – in every child lives, yearning for miracles …

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